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Новости из толерантной Европы

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10.02.16 Беженец из Гамбии Abdou I. изнасиловал и убил в Австрии студентку спасавшую его от депортации.

Учившаяся в Вене студентка (и няня) из США Лорен Манн, 25 лет, спасая от депортации нелегального мигранта из Гамбии, 24 года, поселила его у себя, после чего была изнасилована и убита. Преступника арестовали в Швейцарии. Выяснилось, что ранее он жил в Германии в 2014 году и привлекался за изнасилование малолетней, но смог отвертеться...

10.02.16 Illegal immigrant is arrested over murder of American nanny in Austria after she took him in to stop him being deported - and is revealed to have raped underage girl.
Lauren Mann, 25, was found half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her apartment in Austrian capital last month.
Autopsy found high-flying student from Grand Junction, Colorado, was suffocated and prosecutors confirmed today she was murdered.
Gambian failed asylum-seeker, 24, who Mann had apparently taken in to help him avoid deportation was arrested on Thursday.
He is named only as Abdou I. and was found at an asylum center in Bern, Switzerland, suggesting he was trying to claim a right to stay there
Illegal immigrant was already known to police in Germany where he had raped an underage girl...

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