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КАТАСТРОФИЧЕКИЕ ПОЖАРЫ В АВСТРАЛИИ (адаптированный текст на английском языке)

КАТАСТРОФИЧЕКИЕ ПОЖАРЫ В АВСТРАЛИИ (адаптированный текст на английском языке)

Разрушительные природные пожары продолжают бушевать в Австралии – в штатах Новый Южный Уэльс и Виктория.

Сгорело уже около двух тысяч строений, 17 человек считаются пропавшими без вести. В ряде районов объявлено чрезвычайное положение. Людей эвакуируют, волонтёры пытаются спасать животных. 

Here are pictures from the past few days.

Bushfires are burning in Victoria and New South Wales.

Smoke rises from a fire burning in Victoria.

Smoke and flames rise from burning trees.

Bushfires make the sky turn red in Mallacoota, Victoria.

Fires rage in Victoria.

Firefighters battle against bushfires.

A firefighter sprays foam.

A firefighter hoses down tree in an effort to save houses near the town of Nowra in New South Wales.

The photo shows a helicopter fighting a bushfire.

Deadly bushfires have destroyed 1,200 homes across New South Wales and Victoria.

This week the fires have destroyed at least 381 homes in New South Wales and 43 in Victoria, with at least 17 people missing.

The remains of burnt out buildings.

A swimming pool next to the remains of a house destroyed by bushfires near Batemans Bay.

An aerial view of damaged property.

Damaged property in Mallacoota in East Gippsland.

The leader of NSW has declared a week-long state of emergency, starting this Friday.
The declared state of emergency will allow local authorities to carry out forced evacuations, road closures and anything else the state needs to do to keep its residents  and property safe.

Fire officials have told holidaymakers to urgently leave the NSW coast before Saturday.

People from the town of Cann River are being evacuated.

A family are camping after having been evacuated.

A volunteer holds a severely burnt possum rescued from fires near Australia's Blue Mountains.

A volunteer holds a kangaroo rescued in the Blue Mountains area.

A horse tries to move away from nearby bushfires at a residential property near the town of Nowra.

High temperatures and strong winds are forecast for the weekend

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Текст адаптирован.

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